Jawai Safari


While exploring the Jawai safari through any of the Jawai safari packages, you will hear as well as notice about the behavior of the leopards of Jawai. They live very close to humans and to your surprise they are very much human friendly. For living, they only attack wild animals that too during night time. They never prey on the cattles reared by local people. That’s what makes it easy to spot them during day time without getting any human being attacked. Here you will also get a chance to go for wildlife photography.

Best Time to Visit Jawai

If you wish to explore Jawai bandh safari or leopard safari Jawai, Korta Escape offers you the best platform for that. Witnessing the leopards in their natural habitat roaming around the jungle area as well as some other attraction points, it’s an experience of its own. Make sure you go for advanced Jawai leopard safari booking when you plan a trip to Korta-Jawai. Jawai is open from early September until mid-May annually – see rates for specific dates. The best time to visit is from October to early April, when it’s dry, warm and less humid (though nights can be chilly).
  • Vishakha Nainani
    The overall experience at Korta Escape can't be described in words. The place, amenities, cost effective package, food menu to taste was simply a reflection of authentic and flavourful. Mr. Nirbhay Singh, the owner of Korta Escape is a pure gentlemen. Amazing nature to be around. Too knowledgeable and experienced person. A much visit when planning a peaceful trip filled with wilderness and nature beauty near by Jawai in Rajasthan.
    Vishakha Nainani
  • Amogh Casio tutorials
    Amazing place with amazing food , the host takes keen personal interest in making your trip a perfect stay . While we are holidaying amongst the nature , my children did a horse riding certificate course ,which is so exciting.
    Amogh Casio tutorials
    Highly recommend! The food was great, the room had an antique touch and the property was quite good. A perfect place to spend your time in nature away from the hectic city life. The owner personally ensured we had a great time there.


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