Jeep Safari

For our in-house guests,Jeep safari is the most conducive way to explore the beautiful,natural landscapes and cultural life and heritage around Kortaescape.

Jeep safari can be most useful in exploring the rich flora and fauna in our protected wildlife reserve, which spreads over 300acres.

We have been activly conserving flora & fauna, and protecting wildlife for many years in the region.

Explore rajasthan in our 4X4 self driven jeeps. Here you get the first hand experience of encountring tribles, snake-charmers, nomads, and also visiting shepard hemlets on the way to observe the typical rajasthani rural life.

country side along the off beaten tracks of rural rajasthan is the most scenic, as we pass by the farm land's to encounter some wild life on the way, and also visiting the places of interest like temples and step well etc.

This Is The Jeep Safari!

The safari really goes through an exciting route of winding roads, a few narrow rough roads where 2 vehicles cannot easily pass each other. Road hazards include flocks of sheep and traditionally dressed village women.

To explore the horizons & to view the culture and traditional of Rajasthan closely, you can choose between our long distance jeep safari itineraries.

Jeep safari through rajasthan would be an unforgetable experience for you and your family.