Horse Safari

Horse safari is an all together different experience which let's the visitors track the off beaten tracks with utmost ease. Mount a horse and start on an incredible journey of Korta Escape.

For our in house guest at korta escape we have, Horse safari- preferable time - morning - taking a full day horse back trail through tribal villages and country side to visit 16th century temple in the hills and return back. Lunch enrout.

Taking a half day horse back trail, passing through some fields and open land encountering some wild life, reach back to korta through dry river bed.

Our six day junket provides you numerous opportunities to catch hold of Korta Escape's splendor. The scenery would seem even more beautiful as you move along on a horse back in the company of your friends and loved ones.

Travel and discover the local customs and rituals prevailing in the neighboring villages.all this while moving steadily on the back of a horse. The horse safari tour is sure to leave you mesmerized and wanting for more.

It's a unique experience for those who would combine the pleasures of long distance riding with a love for the wild and the thrill of Korta Escape. The Korta Escape Horse Safari is a combined representation of the very best Marwari Breed horses. It sets the highest standards of professionalism in equine care, guiding and accommodation, protecting the environment, conservation, combining care for the guest with unrivaled personal attention to details.

These safaris are of a highly personalized nature and maintain their own individual character in offering a personal insight combined with a commitment to and love for the areas in which they operate.

Exclusive Horse Safaris

The programs are as follows.

At the safari routes u may find your self in the jungle scrub or lush green valley or flat land, semi sandy deserts or Aravalli foothills. All the lunching places are carefully chosen with intentions of giving diversity in the tour the routes are selected for u to visualize the kaleidoscopic culture mid traditions of Rajasthan and which are best suited for riding conditions the day ends at different forts and castles which are turned into heritage hotels with modern amenities.

As u meet members of noble's families and acquaint yourself with typical Indian lifestyle you feel the elegance and rich taste of a life of bygone era.