Culture Tour

Welcome to the Korta Escape cultural tour web site. Come on up and relax. This is your opportunity to join a guided tour around this attractive and lively village in Pali District, Rajasthan.

For our in house guest at Korta Escape we have, Cultural tour to village- A visit to the village, meeting the local tribes of shepherd in their houses, visiting many temples dedicated to different gods. Try out hands on pottery at the village potter house under his supervision, and understand the culture of different tribes. 15 minute walk from Korta Escape.

During the tour, you will enjoy seeing a new lease of life, famous local residents- and much more. A key part of the experience is the authentic buildings that make up the village, the activities that each housed, and of-course, the people who live there. Tour will also accomplish with visit to the lord Shiva Temple in between. It would be priceless possession, to visit the place and to view how the pupil, are devoted towards almighty. The "Aarti" is the most valuable part of the tour. You will come to know how different ways Lord Shiva is decorated and the "Bhog" is presented to him.

"Being the part of the AARTI (candle light worship) in the evening approx 7 pm at near by temple of lord Shiva with the villagers 5 minutes walk from Korta Escape."

It’s really heaven their. And this is not all. At nights you will also enjoy the different cultural events and will come to know how they celebrate and worship god. It’s a great opportunity to come and live with villagers as their life style goes on, how they live, what they eat, and you will come to know much more. Our customed interpreters will be happy to tell you what life is in the villages. Please ask them your questions and share your observations. We are sure this tour will be the greatest moment of your life.